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2018 - ?   job
Software udvikler Sepior.
Making a threshold signature scheme for ECDSA signatures. Primary use case was making signatures to put on the blockchain in Bitcoin. The library is built in Java and Swift. A generel MPC library was built in Golang.
Java, Java, Docker, Docker, Swift, Swift, Circleci, Circleci, C, C

2016 - 2018   job
Software Udvikler MobilePay.
Developed on MobilePay backend. An entire new platform had been built from scratch, and migration
from a mainframe to the new platform was in focus. I was part of the security team, in which we had
to make sure the users of MobilePay was allowed to use the applications. We used an event based
architecture and a wide variety of modern technologies, which was a priority. I learned to adapt to a
constant changing team, a fragile infrastructure, and adapt to a highly changing code base. A focus on
test driven development was in focus.
C#, Dotnet, .net core, Cassandra

2017 - 2018   job
Instruktor Aarhus Universitet.
Intructor at Softwareconstruction and Softwarearchitecture, which was a course that focused on design,
architecture and test driven development. It was a "hands on" course which gave a lot of practical

My education

2015 - 2018
Aarhus Universitet
Kandidat, Datalog

2012 - 2015
Erhvervsakademi Aarhus
Professionsbachelor, Datamatiker

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Isolated Android library to be used in product. Ready to begin now
2 years ago

Web og apps, Større projekt fra november
1 year ago

Lasse har arbejdet stabilt og godt igennem hele forløbet med udvikling af vores klient. Vi er meget glade for det stykke arbejde han har lavet og vi kan kun komme med de varmeste anbefalinger.

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