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Sofware developer looking for remote/online work.

Alex Andreasen , Ribe, Denmark


Just graduated

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softwareudvikler software udvikler software arkitekt softwaredesigner softwarekonsulent + 6 more


.Net C# Javascript Model-view-controller User interface + 14 more

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My experience

2015 - 2019   temp
Student Erhvervsakademi SydVest.
Esbjerg Area, Denmark
AP Degree in Computer Science topped up with PBA in Software
Development. Further description can be found in the education section of the profile.
Development, Software, Science, UP

2019 - 2019   internship
Software Development Intern 2care4.
Esbjerg Area, Denmark
Helped developing and bug fixing in an internal application used in the company. It was full stack development. Among others I worked with MVC,
ASP.NET, Entity Framework, Dependency Injection, Typescript, Javascript, setting up and consuming API endpoints, data migrations and more.
An example of a task could be to create a useful and practical UI with working
functionality. Among others presenting sales data in charts.
Net, Intern, UP, Framework, Presenting, ASP, Software, Development, It, Sales, Javascript, MVC, Entity Framework, API, UI, Typescript, Software development, ASP.NET, .Net

2017 - 2017   internship
Software development intern Deepest Vault Studios.
My day to day tasks were among others:
- Making a staircase endless regardless of walking up, down or changing
directions during walking on it.
- Making an inventory system.
- Making a game story journal that expands as the gameplay proceeds.
- Opening a cupboard or door.
- Making a door lock/unlock at the right time.
- Animating a cupboard/door.
- Picking up a piece of paper and putting it in your inventory or back where you
picked it up.
- Access an in-game computer to read gameplay related emails.
- Making doors and other objects play the relevant sounds (door is locked, door opens, door closes)
- Make the gameplay designers easily able to change the environment
(lighting, weather, look of the outside sky, music, scene and sound effects)
when a certain event would occur.
- Basic shader usage and implementation, primarily blending a smooth
transition between 2 shaders and setting up other basic functionality.
- Making a simple email UI.
- Making an inventory UI where you can inspect the items in your inventory, rotate them and read a description of them, the UI has a list of items you can
scroll through and select.
My work has improved the game significantly by adding a lot more functionality and a feeling of the world being alive, to the game.
After the internship finished I made my final project for the same company.
Website: They have no website.
Software development, UI, Event, Website, It, Development, Implementation, Music, Software, Shader, UP, Intern, Shaders, Internship, Basic

2013 - 2014   job
Bilingual Customer Service Representative Concentrix UK.
My job as a customer service representative consisted of helping customers with various issues regarding payments, their account, scam attempts, buying/
selling and more.
I would answer their inquiries and help them solve any potential issues either directly, by guiding them how they could do it themselves or by putting them in contact with the relevant colleague or department, who could then further
assist them.
In the job it was important to take responsibility for each customer and really
help them to the best of my ability and options.
I was working with Danish as the primary language, but frequently worked with English as well, to assist customers that did not speak Danish or did not speak
it to a degree they felt comfortable with.
The job was fast paced but interesting, I had some good colleagues and appreciated the experience it was to live in another country than the one I was
born in.
SoMe, Customer service, Website, It, Service

My education

2018 - 2019
Erhvervsakademi SydVest, Esbjerg
Bachelor, Software Development

2015 - 2018
Erhvervsakademi SydVest, Esbjerg
AP Degree, Computer Science

My resume

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Alex' reviews

3D-ninja til tandretning, asap/inden jul
11 months ago

Alex har gjort en ihærdig indsats for at løse nogle ret komplekse problemstillinger med en række 3D-modeller. Han har afprøvet forskellige løsningsmodeller indtil vi har fundet den bedst mulige. Grundig, systematisk og vedholdende arbejdsindsats. Vores bedste anbefalinger.

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